Underarm Treatments with Finessa Aesthetica: Session 1 (IPL)

Underarm care and grooming is one of a few topics that are not widely discussed in the beauty world. Yes, we talk about the deodorant we use and the treatments we get but not about how white and smooth are pits are. Why? Because we, women, are very conscious about our underarms. There are even some that are insecure about them.

The numerous plucking, waxing and operations done on my underarms made me get into the list of the people who are very conscious and insecure with their underarms. The condition may not be the worst but the chicken skin and the uneven color make me unhappy about it. The blame is on plucking that made it look bumpy and rough and on the scars and blemishes from previous cysts formation and operations that are the main reason of the dark lines and spots. Lately, I noticed that I have been thinking so much about my underarms that its condition already has dictated my choice of clothing. Gone are those day when I could go out in a sleeveless top as often as I like for I am afraid that people would pay attention to my not-so-kept secret.

I have tried countless number of deodorant and creams that claim to solve my problem. Some did not work while some take time to work and I no longer have enough patience to wait. I will be turning 30 in a month's time and that made me decide to work on one of my insecurities. Despite a number of clinics that offer various underarm treatments, I decided to get mine at Finessa Aesthetica. Seriously, Finessa Aesthetica is relatively new to my system. I only got introduced by a friend and after some researches and social media stalking here and there, I caught myself scheduling a consultation a few weeks ago.

Aside from their irresistible promos and deals and their accessibility to my location, I chose Finessa Aesthetica because it is staffed with certified dermatologists and aesthetic nurses and well-trained personnel. The team is led by Dr. Coco Tiongson, a well-respected Dermatologist and Laser Treatment Specialist. With these people, and industry- approved equipment and products, at the core of the clinic, we are assured that treatments done in Finessa Aesthetica are of excellence.

My first consultation with Dr. Tiongson happened last March 11. Upon checking my underarms, she recommended for me to undergo IPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal to slowly get rid of the hair and Diamond Silk Skin (DSS) and Deep Whitening Specialist to work on the chicken skin and uneven color.

Note: There will be a series of posts for this treatment to show progress after each cycle. So yes, I request your full understanding as I show my underarms in these posts. :)

Prior to the first IPL session, my underarms looked bumpy and rough. I shaved two days before my visit which made the upper layer of my skin dry and damaged. I took the photos using my phone. :(

After the gel was applied, Dr. Tiongson proceeded with the laser treatment.  How does IPL/Intense Pulsed Light  work? The IPL device emits multiple wavelengths into the skin targeting the cells that make the hair. Once it enter the skin, the light turns to heat which then kills the hair cells. There was a sting in the process but very bearable. 

The entire process took only about 15 minutes. I was advised to not be gentle with underarms for the next days, especially when washing it and deodorants can be used but only if needed.

This was how my pits looked after the IPL treatment. Some areas were red but barely noticeable.

According to Dr. Tiongson, hair growth is expected for the next days given that I shaved before the procedure. My next hair removal treatment will be on the 4th session of the 1st cycle.

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