Underarm Treatments with Finessa Asthetica: Session 4 (IPL)

The warm greetings I received on my birthday (It was last Friday, April 22!) filled my heart with so much joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! As my way of giving thanks, I am having a giveaway. Click HERE to join!

Anyway, the first cycle of my underarm treatments was over and I now am off to my second cycle. Click the links to know what happened on session 1, session 2 and session 3.) The same treatments will done in this and the succeeding cycles, basically, to further work on the problem areas of my underarms.

Just like the session 1 of the first cycle, cycle 2 began with IPL. Though I was advised to do nothing on my underarms, I shaved days before my scheduled treatment. I just had to and I am sorry. According to the nurse that checked on my underarm, it is okay to shave but make sure that you'll do it gently to not damage the skin.

Just like how the usual IPL is done, the procedure started with the application of gel on the area. This ensures that the skin is safe from the laser.
This photo is a proof of the improvements happened on my pits. The color is slowly getting even and the bumps and rough areas are visibly lessened. 

The IPL procedure only takes about 5 minutes per underarm. The results won't be instant though. It takes days for the hair to fall off.

The procedure stings but bearable. The pain goes away immediately too. After the procedure, the area will be a bit red and that is normal.

The remaining gel was scraped off and noticeably, some hair went with it.

As of today, the growth of hair lessened. There are still some that grows but way lesser than before. I cannot wait to have a hair-free underarm soon!

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