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Dry skin? Chapped lips? Burns? Rashes? Those are just some of the skin problems brought to us by the tropical weather. I, myself, is battling with dry skin on normal days and the intense heat of summer we are experiencing makes everything worst. Despite slathering a good amount of lotion, our skin still ends up feeling dry and dehydrated at the end of the day. All thanks to heat, humidity and pollution that we are all facing.

I am pretty sure you are familiar with Petroleum Jelly, a wonder product that can heal burns, rashes, chapped skin, cuts, bruises, and a whole lot more. I am a fan of this product that it has been a staple in my household. To prove the healing powder of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, a live billboard was mounted along C5 last April 8-10 wherein real leaves were used with half of them covered with Vaseline Jelly while the other had none. The difference was obviously visible. To see how the live billboard worked, check out

I have witnessed the same effect though a mini-experiment. These leaves were kept in an air-tight frame for more than 5 days now. Notice how the leaves with Vaseline remained moisturized? The same moisture can be brought to your skin by Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

Though it is fact that petroleum jellies can help us battle with skin dryness and dehydration, we cannot apply it all over our body for it'll feel thick and icky on the skin. This was addressed by Vaseline. Micro-droplets of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly are infused into the NEW Vaseline Body Lotions to bring us the moisture brought by petroleum jellies without the heavy feel.

The micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly in the New Vaseline Lotions works deep within the epidermis to bring back lost moisture and heal dry skin. I took a Dry Skin Test on to know what variant will work best on me and this was the result I got:
True enough, my skin is dry due to prolonged exposure to heat and stay in air-conditioned room. To see how the healing power of Vaseline works, I applied Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion all over my body and did my usual day activities.
 Upon application, the skin feels smooth and moisturized. It smells amazing, too!
The New Vaseline Lotions bring hydration and moisture that last the whole day. The works of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is noticeable without the heavy and icky feel.

I am now armed with a body lotion that will sure protect my skin from dryness and dehydration. Indeed, let us #HealWithVaseline! This could have been even more perfect with SPF, right? :)

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