Maybelline Fashion Brow 3d Brow and Nose Contouring Palette | Review + Swatch

Just a couple of weeks ago, my brows, the way I do it and the way it look, garnered a fair share of hates in a site. It wasn't directly coursed to me but I read comments like, "Halika dito 'te. Kikilayan kita!" ("Come. I'll do your brows!"),"Ugly brows." and tons of negative ones. I know, I cannot please everybody. The way I do my brows may not be the similar to how you do yours. The way it looks may not be the same way how you want your brows to look like. Though it is pretty clear for me that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, I still got hurt. For someone who was easily condemned because of something she loves and loves to do, it was painful. But at the end of the day, I realized that these comments should not rock my boat. If they do not like it, why should I care? I like it, I love it and that is what matters. Right? RIGHT!

Anyway, since we are already about brows, let us talk about a brow palette that made it to my book. You know how much I love my brow staples and I tell you, it is hard to kick one out of that status. The Maybelline  Fashion Brow 3d Brow and Nose Contouring Palette, luckily got in to that level and let me share with you the reasons why.

When you'll based your judgment on how a product looks, then Maybelline Fashion Brow 3d Brow and Nose Contouring Palette is nothing but usual. It is housed in a sturdy, black palette with 3 products in different shades and a dual-ended brush that serves as an applicator. Sad, it doesn't come with a mirror.

Though it looks ordinary, the quality of the products makes it standout. The darkest shade in the palette has a creamy texture almost similar to a brow pencil. It glides on smoothly on the skin  making it easier to create a crisp shape for the brows. The powders, on the other hand, give off decent pigmentation that are easy to blend and stays intact despite humidity.

The Maybelline Fashion Brow 3d Brow and Nose Contouring Palette is available in different color palettes. I have the Dark Brown one which gives me the colors which I deem perfect for my preferred brow definition and nose contour.

For a natural look, which I rarely do, I would skip the use of the darkest shade and just proceed with the middle color to define my brows. But since I am in for heavily-drawn brows, I shape my brows with the darkest shade and fill in with the middle shade. I use the lightest shade to create shadows on the sides of my nose for a light contour.
For Php299.00, the Maybelline Fashion Brow 3d Brow and Nose Contouring Palette works pretty good! Aside from brow definition and nose contour, you can also use this palette as an eyeshadow. Lately, this has been my current favorite pack-light kind of palette as I am able to do 3 parts of my face with just it.

Oh... I am sorry I am not sorry for my brows! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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