I don't think I'l make it to the Estee Lauder Event on Saturday

Yes, you read that right. Just today, I found out that my classes were moved to every Saturday and that will start on June 18. This definitely means that there is a 70% chance that I won't make it to the event. I still hope that the Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick Event is a whole-day affair so I could still be apart of it. :(

Pammy and Debi, I look forward in seeing you in the next events. Please post pictures! :)

Vian, sorry! Do you think the event will be up until around 5pm? My classes will end at 4pm. I can fly to Gateway after. 

This post makes me sad. I have been waiting for the Estee Lauder's event for 2 weeks now. Well, I am very sure that there are more of these events coming soon. I still want to meet YOU! :)

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  1. Awww!! I hate it when you plan everything and then something totally unexpected comes in and ruins it for you! :-/

  2. i feel you on that girl..:(
    driving lessons + dinner with fam = bye bye event

  3. @Michelle - I agree! But skipping my classes is not and will never be an option. :(

    @Iya - Hug!!!

  4. the event is until 5pm lang ata. but you can still drop by to get the free gift.

  5. Sis. :( I'll call Rustans tomorrow and ask. Positivity Girl. :)
    @aringkingking- are you coming din?

  6. i'm sorry to hear about this. i'm sure there are other events we can join ;-)

  7. Jes, there's another sched at Marionnaud MOA. Not sure about it yet but I'll tweet when I have the date. See you again on future events.

  8. @Vian - Thanks! Positivity!

    @DeBi - Yes, babe. Very sad! Anyways, you can meet Vian there. :)

    @Marge - I hope to see you on upcoming events!

    @Kessa - I'll check that too. Pero baka Sat din e. See you soon!

    @SunnyToast - :(


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