Artdeco Jungle Fever: The Bronzing Collection

Artdeco has been one of my favorite brands ever since I got introduced to it about 2 years ago. The Artdeco Eyeshadow Base has been a staple in my kit and the Lifting Lip Stylo is my go-to product whenever I want to achieve that perfect-looking lips. Those are just two of my favorites from the brand and I don't, and won't, mind expanding the list.

Just a few days ago, Artdeco launched their newest collection -- the Artdeco Jungle Fever: The Bronzing Collection. The collection imbibes the feel of exotic flowers and wild animals of the jungle, bringing the elements of a tropical rainforest to the city.

The launch was held at The Glass Door, BGC and was attended by a handful of bloggers, media people and makeup enthusiasts. Getting into the theme of the collection, attendees were asked to paint while enjoying good food and drinks. Yeah, pretty much like Sip and Gogh.

Coming straight from work, I was a bit late to the event. Most of them already started and I, together with relatively poor art skills, had to catch up. Good thing, Amanda, the artist and our teacher for the night, was so accommodating.

Shen and Nikki were on their way to their masterpieces

As I have said, I am relatively poor in drawing. All I can draw decently are my brows! I had to direct my entire system to the canvass with the hopes I would produce a decent output.

My toys for the night

After hours of playing as a painter, I present to you my masterpiece -- The Boxer. Well, that supposed to look like a lion. A fierce, strong, king of the jungle lion. But as much as I wanted to and regardless of the thousands strokes of my brush, my lion didn't turn out to look like one. Still, it looked pretty decent. That was what mattered to me in the first place.

Going back to the launch, the Artdeco Jungle Fever: The Bronzing Collection features products that are all shimmering, shining and bronzing.

Bronzing Glow Blusher | Queen of the Jungle

 A combination of three gorgeous, gently shimmering colours that will sublimate your complexion with a gently sun-kissed, radiant flush of blush.

Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15

A go-to product for a gorgeous, sun-kissed complexion. It features an exclusive Jungle Fever design, contains Inca oil, which nourishes the skin and helps retain moisture.

Art Couture Lipstick | Pearl Mandarin Orange (362) and Pearl Blazing Red (366)

The formulation is deliciously creamy and nourishing, thanks to a special extract from hops, and is intensely-pigmented, for an ultimate statement lip.

Art Couture Eyeshadow | Earthy Brown (12), Golden Earth (20), Sugar Pearl (27)
Green Jungle (32), Golden Green (49), Jungle River (61), Blue Stream (73) and Sweet Violet (83)

These eyeshadows feature a revolutionary texture, which combines the benefits of powder, baked, fluid and creme eyeshadows.

Spray-On Leg Foundation | Sand (3), Sun Tan (5) and Desert Sun (8)
The perfect way to conjure perfectly tanned legs in seconds.

Beauty Box

  The perfect way to store and combine your favorite eyeshadows, and is great to carry around in your handbag.

And as expected, Artdeco again caught me with their new collection. Look at that Bronzing Glow Blusher! Looooovely! It is so calling my name!
Artdeco is available in Beauty Bar stores and online at

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