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There will be times, despite you trying to be an intelligent consumer, that you will just give in to your impulse. That even if you already have tons in your stash, in different color, type, brand and texture, you will still find an excuse to add more to your collection. This becomes way easier if the product that sparks your interest fits your budget.

I have a collection of lipsticks that would sure last me (and my friends) years. But I still find the need and the want to buy more! Me Now Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick stuck into my senses through its constant appearance on my social media feeds. I didn't jump into the bandwagon right away because of the mixed reviews people have with it. But two of the shades available were so me that I just found myself ordering them.

Me Now Kiss Proof
For its cost of Php150.00, I did not set high hopes for it. It looks and feels like a usual jumbo pencil. Well, except that it gives off a beautiful color in one swipe. I got the shade 11 and 12. They don't have a 'word' name so we have to work with its numerical identification.

The shades I got are in demand and are always out-of-stock in most resellers. Good thing I was able to get  both, and a sharpener, from Deann when she restocked her supplies.

Based on the swatches that can be found all over the web, 11 is a reddish brown shade. With the hit of the Kylie Jenner lipstick shades, I got it. For some reasons, it looks more of a maroon shade on my lips. I still like it, though.

11, on the other hand, appears to look as an old rose shade with hints of purple. Both of those that I got are more on the dark hues, which I think suit my features perfectly.

Is it long-lasting? Definitely. It stays intact all throughout the day until it gets in contact with oil. It leaves a nice tint on the lips once it starts to wear off. The photo below was taken after I ran the swatches under water and rubbed it hard.

Minutes after application, the matte and dry claim of it can immediately be proven. It looks perfect upon application but when it sets, dries and chaps my lips like crazy that I can actually peel of a part. It exaggeratedly emphasizes the lines on lips too.

 Shade 11

Shade 12
Did you notice how it dries my lips? Terrible. I am not total negative about it though because it works great as a lip liner! It lines the lips perfectly because of its tip (especially if newly-sharpened) and works a great lipstick base.

To round up my thoughts:
I like that the Me Now Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick...
  • gives an opaque color in one swipe.
  • stays put all throughout the day.
  • is relatively inexpensive for only Php150.00 in most local resellers.
  • has no funky scent and taste.
  • available in a wide range of colors.
I don' like that ...
  • it dries and chaps my lips.
  • it has to be sharpened. Some of the products get wasted. :( 
Will I get the other shades? As lip liners, maybe. But as a lip color on its own, no. I can't bear how drying it is on the lips, and yes, even if I apply a balm underneath it. 

Have you heard about Details Matte? It is a new line slowly making waves in the beauty scene. I saw that it, and Me Now Kiss Proof, is available in at a great deal!

♥ Jes ♥

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